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HOW TO Redirect ANXIETIES w Certain Personal Energy

I have coached over 200 people one-on-one over the last year and found most of them are fearful of taking a giant step forward.

Many want TO AVOID PAIN. Therefore, they don’t move. ANXIETY is an emotional equivalent of pain. Fear is also a powerful source of energy.

My question is how can we use fear as a source of energy towards the things we desire most?

Fear of failure AND fear of success is what holds us back from achieving what we truly want.


What must happen for me to feel like a success in 2018?

What must happen for me to feel like a failure in 2018?

So, when anxiety does comes up (and it will in 2018) Move Your Energy Frequency Differently…by using Physical Communication Movement Tips to redirect the fear.

1. In the US, posture is always the quickest movement and most effective way to redirect fear. Hand gestures are the second, such as moving your head, shoulders, arms, hands in a direct yet bold and precise way, which adds importance and clarity to your objectives, plus helps you redirect the immediate fear.

2. Stand up straight

Feet should be shoulder width apart

Hands by your side

Observe your breath

Observe the rise and fall of your belly and chest

Focus on inhaling through your nose for a count of “1”

Hold for “4” counts

Exhaling for “2” counts.

Let go of the fear.

Do this 3 to 5 times

3. Now take action Keep Moving Your Energy Differently and Adding Value to Other People’s Lives,

Keep Moving Your Energy Differently and Adding Value to Other People’s Lives,

Kerry Ruff

Organizational Energy Strategist

Director of Success Conference NYC

(Experts Speak on Life & Business Advancement)

We help people change their everyday lives and achieve goals faster by showing them how to use 3 different types of their PERSONAL ENERGY.

1. Using their Potential Energy - For example: Two magnets facing each other

2. Using their Elastic Energy – For example: Stretching a rubber band

3. Using their Kinetic Energy – For example: A jet plane taking off






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