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My Story

Kerry Ruff

Author, Life & Business Strategist 


I’m going to tell you a story:  I was about to go back to New York City one summer after just finishing work on my father’s trash removal business.  That summer my uncle won over 2 and ½ million dollars in the Pa lottery.


It changed all our lives. He went on to make more millions after that.


Years later I went out and got into the real estate business and made my own million dollars.


Then I lost it


Don’t worry I got the abundance back with the help of what my rich uncle taught me over the years.


And today I’m going to give you three things I learned from my wealthy uncle and my businessman father.


Continued story…

I lost my real estate company worth over a million dollars.

My mother was bed-ridden after having a massive stroke.

My father had recently died. 

Lawyers were trying to take our family home away, valued at more than $200,000. That may not sound like much in today's pricey real estate market, but that was all my mother and I had left. 


But that's not all. 


I owed the IRS, along with other creditors more than $20,000.

I was jobless and had no other choice but to declare bankruptcy.

Then my beloved wife, who was thoroughly disgusted with the desperate turn our lives had taken, told me not to return home. 


I had lost my dad, my company, my mom was gravely ill and

my wife said don't come back. I was emotionally and financially devastated. 


But then something happened. 


That is when I got the strength to take small steps. I began to figure how I could regain my footing, and I began to slowly practice little-known techniques that gave me more energy, confidence and started me back on the path to abundance.

Today I'm a full-time professor of communications at a college in New York City, an author of

Personal Development books and learning programs, and I run one of the most talked about conferences on success in the nation. I also coach professionals the techniques I discovered to change their lives and have seen them achieve impressive results, fast. 


Many people have asked me how I did it. I wrote a

book called, "Successfully People Move Differently," describing the process, but let me share it with you here. 


In short, I learned the key to changing my life was to first" get physical." I call it "Physical Communication Behavioral Technology," and it's a series of teachings and techniques. All behavior results from the feelings we experience. Physical Communication Technology with Emotional Intensity is the key to changing those feelings, therefore—changing your life.


Kerry Ruff is an author, teacher specialist, speaker and expert in the subject of physical communication technology. Kerry lectures extensively on the subject of physical communication technology and assisting people who teach others ways to leverage their skills in today's economy.  His pioneering research spans more than two decades establishing the link between mobilizing physical energy and achievement.  Participants of Kerry’s workshops have improved sales skills, become outstanding communicators, and found rapid personal and business success.


Kerry is also the founder and director of the New York City-based Success Conference, featuring today’s leading speakers on personal development.

Kerry’s Power Circle (seminar) has attracted and engaged the many professionals over the last few years. In addition, his Millionaire Carnival, teaching young people the“physical reality” of financial literacy, is used by numerous community organizations. 

Kerry is the author of the audio book, "Successful People Move Differently" and is a contributing author to “Stand and Deliver: High-Impact Presentations.” 

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