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3 Ways to Find Your Career, Immediately!

First! You must be hungry to know!

So now, let’s play a little imaginary game.

Let’s image that a genie comes to your bedroom late next Saturday night around 12 midnight and says she will give you 15 million dollars if you can tell her what career you will do for the rest of your life.

She guarantees you that you will be successful no matter what career you choose.

But, in order for you to get the money you will have to tell her what career you are choosing at that exact moment.

1. Another way to find your career focus:

WHEN YOU WERE A LITTLE CHILD, and your family called you into the house for dinner, what was the one activity you did not want to stop doing? ______

2. What am I good at doing? Pick 4 areas.


Caring for others____________________




Managing people____________________

Math & Science____________________








Fixing things_____________________


3. What career do you tell the genie?


There you have it! Now move your energy! (Start the project!)

I believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY (its in people, things, etc) you can attract anything you choose (money, career, relationships) by knowing how to connect and add value with your ‘uncommon energy.’

Activating Your Energy©

Unleashing Uncommon Power ©

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