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She wanted to supplement her household with another form of income


Of course they can!

I asked the client my favorite question, “IF YOU HAD 15 MILLION DOLLARS WHAT ‘SIDELINE BUSINESS’ WOULD YOU START?”

Questions move people's energy uncommonly in the tides of life.

TODAY I was talking with a home aid representative (a person who’s job it is to assist families in taking care of an elderly person in their home)

The Client said she wanted to supplement her household with another form of income.

In rough or calm waters, knowing how to swim can be very helpful. If you don’t know how to swim, asking HOW DO I LEARN TO swim can be the key a more abundant life.

She said, “If I had 15 million dollars I would start a bakery business. I loved to bake and play sports.

I then suggested her ideal sideline business should be baking cookies, pie and cupcakes, and placing simple sport icons all over them.

Then start giving them to her colleagues at work and networking.

She then took one of my Successful People Move Differently CD’s and gave me a huge hug.

We have our hands on this knowledge. MAKE YOUR QUESTIONS SWIM AND ENJOY THE PROFITS!

Continue to move your uncommon energy and keep giving value to the world with what you do best,

Kerry Ruff- Life & Business Strategist

From the Director of SuccessconferenceNYC©

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