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You must “move your uncommon energy” differently than anybody else.

An example of using your UNCOMMON ENERGY to increase your profit line would be to focus on the strategy of Side-Art.

Side-Art is an “energy of movement” that an individual can create to provide a service or product to the marketplace that can increase an individual’s personal financial well being.

For example: Many of my friends and clients have moved their uncommon energies differently to increase their profits. Such is the case with my friend, Mark who does charcoal rendering drawings and another friend, Patti who designs pillows that contain healing formulas within them. Both of which have increased their personal profits.

In your life during the next 3 months, what will happen and how will you feel, if you DON’T attract a better job, more money, better relationships and better health?

And if you DON’T turn talents into profits!


Plan Strategize Achieve

Here’s how to move your UNCOMMON ENERGY… Stimulate your fear in the opposite direction from your success.

1. Move your uncommon energy to allow yourself TO FOLLOW THROUGH on developing assorted flow of revenue.

FINDING YOUR CENTER Let go of stress, tension, worry and doubt. Standing completely still and breathing (4 breathes through the nose, then 4 quick breathes out the month)

What is the real cause of your procrastination problem? Your profits? (Its not because you’re lazy or have no will power)

It’s because you haven’t really DECIDED on what you truly want, yet! Not really!

2. Move your uncommon energy in order to get the FEELING OF CONFIDENCE before you start a project. (Here’s a hint: Start from the end, first)

The famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus once said, “I never hit a shot without having a very sharp in focus picture of it in my head. First I see the ball, where I want it to finish, then I see the ball going there. Next I see the scene showing me making the kind of swing that does just that.”

FOCUSING ON ONE OF YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL MOMENT in your life. Focus on an experience that you felt you where on top of the world. (Example: you scored three goals for your high school soccer team or walking across the stage to receive your degree)

3. Move your uncommon energy towards a custom design called: “DAILY-STAY ON TRACK SYSTEM” (using an pen and appointment notebook) with your own specific needs or desires in mind.

4. How can you work on all of these objectives at the same time? Answer: Physical Communication Technology (Move physical and do something, daily). If you have 3 ideas, WORK ON ONE A DAY FOR 10 MINUTES EACH.

Call a trusted friend on the telephone and share your ideas that day.

5. Walk up a flight of stairs and “be ready” to CAPTURE (write down) an idea that may be coming to you.

The physical act of writing is yet another way of relaxing your body and mind.

Take out a clean 8 X 10 piece of paper.

Allowing yourself 20 seconds, write down as many strange and seeming crazy ideas you have come up with over the last week.

Keep track of how many things you have written down in a month. After a month look at your ideas once again.

6. Someone will give you an idea/insight if you WAIT AND LISTEN TO WHAT THEY ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. Don’t forget people need to feel love, security and significance.

7. Say out loud to someone, “THANK YOU.” (And mean it) You may receive something back that could be useful.

FINDING YOUR CENTER, AGAIN Stand completely still and breathing. (4 breathes through the nose, then 4 quick breathes out the month, very gently) Raise your hand if you feel different than you did when you started this process.

FEEL YOUR TOTAL CONFIDENCE AND ENERGY FLOW ready to attract all that you desire.

WRITE YOUR IDEAS: _______________ _____________ _____________

Kerry Ruff

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