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(Story) A client wanted a career as documentary filmmaker.

While he was departing from a local film screening he found a bag someone had left. He returned the bag to the rightful owner. The owner of the bag asked the would be filmmaker about his passion and interest.

Because the would be filmmaker had been working on his craft, going to school and writing down his current objectives he was able to tell the owner of the lost bag exactly what he wanted to do.

The owner of the bag informed the finder of the bag that he was a TV producer and offered him a job on the spot.

This is called using one’s own Uncommon Energy.

Here are 10 ways to do just that:


Why do you get up in the mornings?

(Story) A few days ago a client asked me, “Why do you get up in the mornings, what’s your purpose in life.” Without hesitation I said, “Because I must improve the quality of people’s lives everyday.”

I believe when a business or an individual uses their “Innate Energy” to get the feeling of absolute certainty, they increase their bottom line and I must show them why it works. Not how it works, but why it works.

If I explain to a business client how it works without getting them to feel the experience, it becomes vague, watered down. But, when I have them and their employees actually “move differently” with some energy and experience the feeling of change, it’s becomes crystal clear.


If a genie came to you Friday at midnight and said, “ I will give you 10 million dollars right now if you can tell me what is the one career or service that you will do for the rest of your life and you will be successful, no matter what?” What career or service would you tell the Genie you would do for the rest of your life?

If you don’t know, you’re in trouble. You are not operating your “Innate Energy” to its fullest capacity. If you can give the Genie an honest answer you are on track to receiving it. Congratulations!

It’s all about changing why you feel the way you do. Work with your innate energy, focus your feelings on your specific objectives everyday and watch the quality of your life improve.

Then and only then, will I be living my life’s purpose and I thank you.


Let’s start with what is a good salesperson.

A good salesperson is a person who has the ability to get others to buy his or her product or service. Good means average. I don’t like that word, “average,” so I’m going to talk about being the “best.”

There has been a great deal of information written concerning the art of selling, but very little about how NOT to sell.

When you talk to people about selling, their fear factor increases. Nobody wants to be sold to. SO DON’T! That’s right – the key to selling is NOT TO SELL! You heard me – don’t ever sell!

Here’s what I mean: it has been scientifically proven that people buy because of how they FEEL, not how well a salesperson can logically persuade a perspective customer to purchase a product or service.

That means the best sales people don’t sell, they “allow” perspective customers to move differently with feelings of the “need” to buy.

That’s right, I said, “Allow perspective customers to feel.” What I mean by that is, allow them to feel what you want them to feel concerning “you and your” product or service. Simon Sinek in his book, Start with Why, explains this point with great eloquence.


I coach my clients; many of who are deciding to change careers at this particular time in our economic environment.

I myself have changed into entirely different careers over five times within my working lifetime.

The secret is to “Move Differently” with energy and feeling from where you are, to where you choose to be.

If everything is connected with energy, which Neuroscientists have proven it is, a person or project manager must move himself or herself with energy of ‘feeling’ in a quick and decisive way - if they plan to succeed.


Ask yourself: What career suits me like

a glove? (It must fit your personality,

energy, and most of all, your interest)

Connect with the new career field of

your interest (tell everybody you

know that you are looking for a specific

career. Not just any career!)

Interview with your “nonsales skills of

emotion” (This means only talk about

(with energy) things that will add value

to the person or company’s bottom line

doing the hiring)


A Business Administration Educator told me that he liked making money by selling his years of accounting knowledge to small businesses. Business Owners were eager to receive his consulting or coaching service, especially during these challenging economic times. This educator is now purchasing a home in the suburbs of Central New Jersey.


A Teacher who was knowledgeable in career placement for students, told me how he once held bank teller training courses in his apartment and was quite surprised how many people clamored for his service. Now he has decided to give that service again but this time online.


As my cousin, a lovely lady and I coursed in a Black Mercedes down the Pacific Coast Highway towards Laguna Beach in California, I couldn’t help but think of how few people I knew with strong sets of passion energies.

We stopped at a restaurant and met the couple that owned it.

Usually when you met a couple it’s only one who has what I like to call, the “personality magnet.” In this case, both the husband and the wife were “magnets.”

That is why their restaurant was crowed with customers at 3 p.m. on a beautiful, sunny day. They both used their energy to charm and make their patrons feel they were the center of the universe.

They knew the name of who came in their restaurant. They gave them free drinks and deserts.

In short, they made us (their customers) feel like family. We (the customers) returned the favor and stayed and drank and ate for hours.

The reason they could sustain their energy at such a feverish pitch is because of the PASSION ENERGY they had to make their customers a part of their family.

You can do the same and be amazed by what happens with your career.


Here I am again, traveling. James Taylor once wrote a song that said, “put a toothbrush in my hand, let me be a traveling man…I’m a road runner, baby.

Do I like to travel? Yes. But…. It’s that BUT that has me questioning. When you have been traveling as much as I have over the last month. East then West. I do question the benefits. I am always looking for that little thing that shifts it all. And maybe I found it in the traveling experience.

There are moments that can change your career for the better because of traveling.

And that’s the advantage to traveling. ONE MOMENT meeting that special person, seeing that landmark (Statue of Liberty) that reminds you that others have succeeded why can’t you. And of course, accomplishing the company mission.

Basically, all we are talking about is how it feels to move to plan the travels. People to call, finding time off from work, arrangement of tickets and of course… the money it takes. Moving to plan the course. How do you move while doing that?

Do you move with energy and enthusiasm? Or do you move with dread?

JUMPING UP AND DOWN with excitement after you have decided to start your planning to travel.

CALLING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY get them to say, “I wish I could go” this will inspire you to move headed with doing some research about your possible travel.

RESEARCHING is one of the most important aspects in this process of the MOVE DIFFERENTLY technique. Most people don’t plan effectively or invest adequately (with money) to really enjoy the travel experience.

PACKING LIGHT pack very light…one pull bag and one smaller bag for the overhead bin. Maybe both can fit in the overhead, and then you don’t have to wait in the luggage center.

Successful People Do Move Differently when traveling and get much needed mental and physical body rest. They receive great inspiration to continue to create sources that help add value to others.

The answer to the question is. Absolutely


Linkedin’s social networking founder, Reid Garrett Hoffman, says, “The old paradigm of climbing up a stable career ladder is dead and gone; no career is a sure thing anymore.”

The career ladder to the top is dead and gone!

So what do we as workers do now?

Now that our jobs and career security is dead and gone.

I think I’ve made myself clear. Now is the time to develop your new ideas for the companies you currently work for, and help them in their future growth called, Job-Art or at the same time develop your own income producing, Side-Art.

I’m talking to everyone from the college grads to the midlife career changer. Everyone should be focused on how to add more value to either their current employer or to the global exchange place (marketplace) with the energy of passion.

A Side-Art (if you haven’t heard about it) is a new job movement strategy. It suggests that if you are now working for an established company, organization or institution, (what we use to refer to as a career that has security) you must immediately find your passion or things you’re pretty good at doing, and “exchange” that product, idea or service, in a more unique and better way, to emotionally more people, on your own!

This is the key to your future. This is the key to “rising above” in this new economy that is now upon us.

Nobody can sit and wait patiently for the weekly paycheck from the Human Resources Department to come floating down gently into your bank account, even though you feel you’ve worked hard for it.

You can’t afford to “hang in there” for the pension and social security train to stop at your station anymore.

Those days of the “gravy train entitlement benefits” and being given a “tip” just because you have “carried out a few plates at a restaurant dinner gathering” have disappeared quietly into the night and are “dead and gone.

Look around you: the jobs and hiring landscapes of yesteryear are over. Globalization trends are here to stay. More and more automation technologies and outsourcings have taken over.

Most companies and organizations are cutting back on hiring. And let’s be bottom line honest about this, it will never, ever come back to a time when big companies will be looking to hire massive amounts of workers and employee them for 40 to 50 years.

Automation and outsourcing has killed that process forever.

I believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY (its in people, things, etc) you can attract anything you choose (money, career, relationships) by knowing how to connect and add value with your ‘uncommon energy.’

Activating Your Energy©

Unleashing Uncommon Power ©

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