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I strive to provide events that are powerful, relevant, and engaging.  Subscribe to my newsletter using the "CONTACT" tab to stay up-to-date with all of my ongoing events.

Success Conference NYC Live Career & Business Event


The Success Conference NYC is a twice a yearl event bringing together top speakers and thought leaders, founded and organized by author, educator, and peak performance coach, Kerry Ruff.  Since 2007 the Success Conference has had over 2,100 participants. Its purpose is to transform the quality of each participants’ personal and career life in one day through physical communication technology.  

Rather than merely presenting another “talking heads lecture” we ask our speaker to engage our audience with clear and easy to use tips they can put to work right away.  In another words, getting them on the road to their individual goal now.

Power Circle Experience


We believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY IN IT– including you.  And if you move your own innate energy in certain ways, with enough emotional intensity, you can change your own life experiences.  The Power Circle energizes participants inspiring them to add more creative value to the world.

The Millionaire Carnival
Interactive Classroom Math Game for Kids


The Millionaire Carnival is a fun and engaging curriculum that shows children and young adults how to develop basic math skills and make money. 

The program has had a dramatic impact on students’ math skills over the last 16 years.  At one after-school program that tracked student performance, the math scores of participants increased 15% after only four months of 2-day-a week programming.

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Success Conference NYC


“Kerry Ruff is enthusiasm personified. He mentors and leads by example with his every move. Listening and directing, teaching and prodding, he gets those around him to be better at what they already are.”-Andre Taylor, Author of You Can Still Win 

Power Circle Experience


"It improved my daily life by helping me know what it really means to focus on myself without thinking of the world around me. It gave me confidence to know how to mentally clear my mind and focus on the task ahead and see the big picture of what I can mold my future to look like. It helped me give myself self-worth when I wasn’t feeling like I was of value to the world."  -Maria, New York City

Millionaire Carnival


"Mr. Ruff paid careful attention to each student’s performance and firmly, but with warmth and humor, encouraged each to push past self-consciousness and achieve the purpose of the exercise.

Mr. Ruff has a firm but engaging manner with his students and they responded to his style with the ideal mixture of enthusiasm and respect."                    -Dr. Elena Oumano author of Marianne Williamson: Her Life, Her Message, Her Miracles

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