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What is your New Year’s SUCCESS Plan?

You do have a strategy, don’t you?

If not, 2021 will be the same as 2020 and you don’t want that, do you?

You want more success in health, wealth, career and relationships, don’t you?

Then you must “Move Differently!” Which means you must “Use Your Energy Differently.” For example, instead of writing your New Year’s Resolutions on a piece of paper and not looking at it all year. Let’s imagine, it’s the end of the year, December 31, 2021, and you are looking back over the list of all the things you accomplished in that year. Then take ONE MOVE in that direction, RIGHT NOW!

MOVE DIFFERENTLY TIP # 1 …open up another savings account just for that “dream home” you have been wanting.

MOVE DIFFERENTLY TIP # 2 …look on the Internet for another car you have been hoping to purchase.

MOVE DIFFERENTLY TIP # 3 … tell someone you love, that you appreciate him/her for being just who they are.

This is how you start creating the year- from the end to the beginning.

Going in reverse is sometimes the easiest and fastest way to start…not thinking… but just “Moving Differently” to make new experiences happen.

This is one of the many ways to “Use your Energy Differently” in the beginning of this New Year.

Dear Readers of /

Please continue to send us all your wonderful success stories. It’s gives us great joy to know that our “Move Differently Tips, Tools and Strategies are adding value to many people’s lives.

From all of us at “Successful People Move Differently” keep creating a healthy, prosperous and joy filled life. THANK YOU!

For more easy and effective ways to “Move Differently” and “Prosper,” go to

Kerry Ruff

Communications & Personality Strategist

Career Success blogs on Physical Communication Technology

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Director of the Success Conference NYC

(Leading speakers on self education)

Kerry Ruff’s New E-Book


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In this book, Kerry Ruff, author and physical communication expert, simplifies and condenses twenty years of research into five powerful steps that will change your life. You’ll learn:

- What successful people do in their environment that sets the stage for greater success.

- What successful people do before opportunities arise that make them more successful than most.

- The key ingredient that separates super achievers from the merely successful.

- How you can quickly get better at anything you do and stop wasting time on the road to achievement.

- How to turn passion into profit.

Kerry Ruff establishes the link between mobilizing physical energy and achievement. Students of Kerry’s work have improved sales skills, become outstanding communicators, and found rapid personal and business success.

Kerry’s workshops “Move Your Way To Success” and “Millionaire Carnival” have attracted national audiences, and his curriculum is used by numerous community organizations. He is the founder and director of the New York City-based Success Conference at Tribeca, featuring today’s leading speakers on personal development.


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