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How to Barge Through Success Career OOPS…

A client recently asked me, “How do I keep a positive attitude when there is no support from my spouse or friends?”

Put yourself into a life or death belief that you can create whatever you choose in your life.

1. Watch Successful People You Admire

Observe politicians, movie stars, scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and family members that you feel are “successful.”

Watch carefully….do Don’t think! Thinking means making judgments. You may be thinking: “I don’t have time. I must pick up my kids from school. I can’t take time to observe. I have to work on the house, etc.”

All I want you to do is find a “clear image” or “feeling” based on what you observe in others.

This part is very important. Get a visual image of how that person moves. Get just one image. Get the image of “a gunnery sergeant” or Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine in the X-Men series.

See and feel in your body, what that person does. How do they speak? Do they do so in a fast pace, slow pace, high inflection tones or low drawn out rhythms?

Visually absorb the person’s every movement. Feel how it is to imitate. Then do it yourself.

The objective is to come away with an image and feeling of new energy that will propel you like an arrow toward your purpose/goal.

Absorb Images of Successful People in Successful Careers

Concentrate on the image and feeling you get from the person, not merely the physical characteristics such as whether the person’s hair is blond or brown. Don’t focus on how tall or short they are, but on how they use their energy with their height. For example, are they sitting up straight in their seat or are they slummed over?

Absorb the images. Are they smiling? What is the vocal quality and tone you witness? What about pace and passion in their movements?

You might draw comparison to the way you move when you have a substantial amount of money in your pocket. You move differently don’t you? You have more kinetic energy in your step, don’t you? Compare those times to when the flow of money seems to have dried up a bit. Was your smile expressed with a little less flair? Was the energy in your voice a little less energized? Were your shoulders a little bit slumped? Was your laughter sounding hollow?

(story) A few years ago my daughter and I were walking down New York’s Madison Avenue and she spotted a very tall, model looking lady walking out of a famous clothing store. My daughter thought that the woman must have been a dancer because of the lady’s posture and her gait as she glided gracefully and confidently down the street. My daughter is also tall and was impressed by how the lady was walking, I thought it might be a very interesting learning moment for her, so I decided to approach the lady and ask for her secret. This is what she told my daughter:

“I was never a dancer but when I started to grow taller than most of the boys I was dating I decided that I was going to look confident regardless of my height. So I straighten my back, squared my shoulders, pulled my chin up from the sidewalk and began to move with purpose.” My daughter was very satisfied with that answer and I have never had to tell her to straighten up and walk differently since.

2. Decide to prepare yourself. Start to walk in a different way. When you introduce yourself to someone, summon energy in your body and voice. Say your name with power and conviction.

By preparing I mean immediately get involved, starting, and engaging in a changed fashion in the very next situation you encounter. You must get into the flow quickly. This will have a major effect on your success.

3. Choose to Breathe Exercise

Why? Because your energy and your health depend on it.

In an article entitled, How Breathing Differently Can Make You Happier by Adam Eason he states: “Breathing is powerful, and it is our life force. It is a major source for our state of mind and body.”

In the book, Osho, the mystic and guru, he instructs the reader to pay attention to their breathing rate when they were sad, and notice the timing of the in-breath and out-breath. He explained that next time they were happy; they could re-induce the sad state (feeling) by merely repeating the breathing pattern. Fortunately, he added, it works the other way round too! People who breathe well very rarely get sick. How long and healthy you live may be in part due to how good or poorly you breathe. There are many methods and techniques to check your breathing habits. Someone was once asked, “What is the secret to a long life? Their reply, “Keep breathing.” LIVE LONG AND BREATHE FULLY!

4. Before you talk, listen to yourself. Sit in silence for 3 to 10 minutes each day.

Say to yourself with you eyes closed, “I am a powerful human being!” Then open you eyes and while walking in place, say the same phrase while you walk.

When breathing, take four short quick breathes, into your nose. Then, breathe out of your mouth in four short quick breaths. Do this as you are walking down the street, or walking to your car.

Effective breathing helps improve blood flow. This improves concentration skills required for reading, writing, spelling, listening, and comprehension.

5. Answer these questions as honestly as you can.

Do I like the feeling of success?____________________

Do I like to talk? __________________________

Who do I know that is successful?__________________

What makes me do what I do? __________

What makes some people more successful than others? (Beliefs) ______________________________________________________________________________

How do I communicate with myself and others to get what I want?

(I can’t, I’ll try, I don’t know how) ______________________________________________________________________________



6. Your life needs to strike an emotional chord and put a smile on your face. You must own it. What would you like to acquire first? What will bring you joy and fulfillment? What is the essence of what you choose to create and who do you choose to be? Write it down.

How much money do you need?

What is your definition of success?

What do you need to know to be successful?

What do you see yourself doing three months from now?

What do you feel success feels like, looks like, smells like?

What do you need to do first?

What could you do immediately, that would make you feel successful?

7. Questions for each day

What’s my passion?

What would I like to achieve today?

How may I eliminate all excuses for not being successful?

How may I improve my self-talk to assist me in reaching my goal today?

What are my long-range goals for next week?

Have I ever put myself down for achieving success?

What would success in this area of my life look like if it happened today?

How can I get rid of the thoughts, “They are all better, brighter, smarter, and more talented than I and it’s too hard to get to the top?”

How do I stop myself for getting so sidetracked by everyday obligations?

Creative thought…What would I buy today if it were available?

8. Work on your Vision Sheet

Write down 3 of your overall passions:

What is it you love to do?

What actions do I take every day towards my short-range goals and overall passions?

9. Let’s get your focus clearly defined:



We strongly feel that we can persuade you that this can be done, and remind you how you did it successfully in the past. We can guarantee by the end of the day that, if you use these specific tools, strategies and techniques that you will move your personal life and your work life to the next level.

10. What is your seven year plan on how you’re going to achieve these three things you’ve chosen in the next 3 months?




I believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY (its in people, things, etc) you can attract anything you choose (money, career, relationships) by knowing how to connect and add value with your ‘uncommon energy.’

Activating Your Energy©

Unleashing Uncommon Power ©

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