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Private and Executive Coaching

I help people do what their best at doing with more uncommonness, uniqueness and a dash of artistry so that other people are willing to reward them.  Get in touch with me using the "CONTACT" tab if you'd like a One-on-One session..





Kerry Ruff's  Exectutive Coaching & Private Coaching

There’s a simple truth: You MUST invest in your own talents and your own energy

 to prosper in these times.


Do you feel your life and career is not going the way you want it to?   Let’s change that together, immediately!


Accelerate your personal goals by receiving one on one communication and achievement coaching.


Take advantage of this enormous opportunity to attract into your life the things you want.


A few years back I lost a million dollars.  Don’t worry, I got the abundance back,

by using a scientifically proven system, I call  “Physical Communication Technology.”


This is a process I’ve developed, is rooted in using our physical bodies and innate energy to communicate ideas, “live” our goals, and accelerate goal achievement. You will become definite, confident, and persuasive and see the impact immediately.


Before we talk….please answer a few short questions.


Our objective is for you to:


Attract the feeling of Infinite Assurance, Absolute Certainty and Unstoppable Focus.

These are great advantages, but now is the time to build on these advantages. Often people get discouraged and give up right before they achieve their goals.  That’s why coaching is so valuable. For example, coaching is a vital aspect of the sports world because athletes who are well within reach of their goals tend to loose focus along the way. This will not happen to you. Our one-on-one coaching will create quick, immediate results.

Define what it is “specifically” in (health, wealth, career, relationships), you are choosing to attract into your life over the next 3 months.  Why you MUST!








What are your 3 Passions?









What games did you play when you were a little kid (7,8, 9 years old) that ALWAYS made you happy?



What are you afraid of?




You have 15 million dollars, and you’ve had it for 5 years… What have you done in your life?  Travel, Career, Business, etc.  (No family life situations… wife, husband, kids, etc.)



 What are you grateful for right now in your life?



It’s year 2015 - describe your car, your home, and your family.



 At age ____ ten years in the future describe your life.



 Who are the celebrities you like and why?



 Why have you chosen the career you are now in?



 Why did you contact me?



 What makes you feel good throughout the day?

         Be specific.



 Write down the yearly amount of money that

         would make you happy.


What do you feel is holding you back from achieving?

         (Education, environment, family, finances, etc)



 What is money?



 What do you have to exchange with the world?







Please bring a notebook.



Successful People Move Differently,


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