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10 ways of using your UNCOMMON ENERGY for life & profit

With bonus: Uncommon Energy Video

Linkedin’s social networking founder, Reid Garrett Hoffman, says, “The old paradigm of climbing up a stable career ladder is dead and gone; no career is a sure thing anymore.”

The career ladder to the top is dead and gone! So what do we as workers do now? Now that our jobs and career security is dead and gone. I think I’ve made myself clear. Now is the time to develop your new ideas for the companies you currently work for, and help them in their future growth called, Job-Art or at the same time develop your own income producing, Side-Art.

I’m talking to everyone from the college grads to the midlife career changer. Everyone should be focused on how to add more value to either their current employer or to the global exchangeplace (marketplace) with the energy of passion.

A Side-Art (if you haven’t heard about it) is a new job movement strategy. It suggests that if you are now working for an established company, organization or institution, (what we use to refer to as a career that has security) you must immediately find your passion or things your are pretty good at doing, and “exchange” that product, idea or service, in a more unique and better way, to more people, on your own!

This is the key to your future.

This is the key to “rising above” in this new economy that is now upon us. Nobody can sit and wait patiently for the weekly paycheck from the Human Resources Department to come floating down gently into your bank account, even though you feel you’ve worked hard for it.

You can’t afford to “hang in there” for the pension and social security train to stop at your station anymore. Those days of the “gravy train entitlement benefits” and being given a “tip” just because you have “carried out a few plates at a restaurant dinner gathering” have disappeared quietly into the night and are “dead and gone.

Look around you: the jobs and hiring landscapes of yesteryear are over. Globalization trends are here to stay. More and more automation technologies and outsourcings have taken over. Most companies and organizations are cutting back on hiring. And let’s be bottom line honest about this, it will never, ever come back to a time when big companies will be looking to hire massive amounts of workers and employee them for 40 to 50 years.

Automation and outsourcing has killed that process forever.

BONUS: UNCOMMON ENERGY VIDEO: Moving your ‘uncommon energy’ (move ones resources-body-first) uniquely/differently with emotional intensity/life and profits change!

Raja Kumari, Indian American Songwriter-turned-Hip-Hop Star | UNCHARTED

WE BELIEVE: People can change the quality of their lives and profits by moving their energy, uncommonly. We assist people in doing this by using tools and strategies from two new systems called: Physical Communications Technology and The Power Circle Experience. Physical games, verbal storytelling, videos, audio (various sounds) and high-pitched, verbal repetitions are incorporated.

Keep moving your uncommon energy and adding value to the person on your right and left with what you do best.

Kerry Ruff

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