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Why was it that singer James Brown was stopped at the front door?

Why is it that singer JAMES BROWN could NOT get in?

When the singer James Brown walked into his first recording company in March 1956 he was stopped and asked his name. He couldn’t get in without permission.





  1. an attendant at a gate who is employed to control who goes through it.

  • a person or thing that controls access to something.

"the primary-care doctor serves as the gatekeeper to specialists"​

In the Internet Age nobody can stop a recording artist from passing through the closed gates and getting their music “out there.” All they have to do is place their music on social media in a certain way.

What are you waiting for?

Move your personal energy differently for opportunity!

Kerry Ruff


Director of Success Conference NYC

(Experts Speak on Life & Business Advancement)

We help people achieve goals faster and change their everyday lives by showing them how to use 3 different types of their PERSONAL ENERGY.

1. Using their Potential Energy - For example: Two magnets facing each other – assisting others in what they need

2. Using their Elastic Energy – For example: Stretching a rubber band – playing video & board games

3. Using their Kinetic Energy – For example: A jet plane taking off - walking, swimming, talking, running, cooking, building a business

We believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY IN IT—including you. And if you move your energy in certain ways, with enough emotional intensity, you can achieve your dreams.

Watch videos and visit my website for more details:

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