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Ways to Achievement by using Your Personal Energy

Seth Godin is a teacher and marketer. He is in the Guerrilla Marketing Hall of Fame and the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.

I suggest this fabulous, insightful podcast called, “You-re it”

I like to call it “PICK YOURSELF” Take a listen for free! You’ll be happy you did!



Side-art is an energy of movement were an individual can create a service or product that can increase their own financial bottom line.

1. Ask yourself this question: What do I know that others need to know?

  • An acquaintance of mine has a system of learning how to play the piano in 14 days, but doesn't know how to get the word out.

  • Another client “fixes up” apartment interiors in a very creative way. She wants to tell and show us how do it, online.

2. Start a blog or make a 3 minute film for YouTube…get it out there. Great idea!

A supplemental job should be one that is fun, easy and profitable.

THINK! “What “Information” have I been giving away FREE for years?”

You have been helping people get what they wanted for years:

  • On the phone instructing customers on ways to exchange their damaged goods

  • Writing or tweaking your boss's managerial reports

  • Organizing your kids’ play dates and sport schedules

  • Cooking and preparing elaborate dinner gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Tending to small vegetable gardens

For years you have been giving helpful information to many. Now it's your turn to be rewarded by giving this “Specialized Knowledge” to the…. online marketplace. There are millions of people who need your information and will pay you for this information.

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