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Kerry Ruff’s Blog: When There Is No Support From Spouse or Friends?

We believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY IN IT—including you. And if you move your own innate energy in certain ways, with enough emotional intensity, you can change your own life experiences.

Therefore, our cause and purpose is to energize people in adding more of their creative value to the world.

Put yourself into a life or death belief that you can create whatever you choose in your life.

You can do this by:

1. ADDING VALUE TO OTHER LIVES by “filling in” people on how to do things, why things matter, or how to make what you know, helpful to others. People need to know how to do things or what new innovations are going on out there.

Everyone has something they are just a little bit better doing than most others and the world needs to know what your pretty good at doing so let them know your ideas. You can start by sharing what you do best on social media.


Observe politicians, movie stars, scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and family members that you feel are “successful.”

Watch carefully…Then do!

Don’t think!

Thinking means making judgments. You may be thinking: “I don’t have time to make friends. I must pick up my kids from school. I can’t take time to develop relationships, etc.”

All I want you to do is find a “clear image” or “feeling” based on what you observe in others.

This part is very important.

Get a visual image of how that person moves. Get just one image.

Get the image of “a gunnery sergeant” or Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine in the X-Men series.

See and feel in your body, what that person does. How do they speak?

Do they do so in a fast pace, slow pace, high inflection tones or low drawn out rhythms?

VISUALLY absorb the person’s every movement. Feel how it is to imitate. Then do it yourself.

The objective is to come away with an image and feeling of new energy that will propel you like an arrow toward your purpose/goal.

CONCENTRATE on the image and feeling you get from the person, not merely the physical characteristics such as whether the person’s hair is blond or brown. Don’t focus on how tall or short they are, but on how they use their energy with their height.

For example, are they sitting up straight in their seat or are they slummed over?

Absorb the images. Are they smiling?

What is the vocal quality and tone you witness?

What about pace and passion in their movements?

You might draw comparison to the way you move when you have a substantial amount of money in your pocket. You move differently don’t you?


You must own it.

What will bring you joy and fulfillment?

What is the essence of what you choose to create and who do you choose to be?

Write it down.


What do I really, really, really want in the next three months in my organization, department or career? Why?

We strongly feel that we can persuade you that this can be done, and remind you how you did it successfully in the past.

We can guarantee by the end of two weeks that, if you use these specific tools, strategies and techniques that you will move your personal life and your work life to the next level.

Now watch the support from family and friends start to come your way.

And it’s all because YOU started to activate your energy, uncommonly and adding value to other people’s lives.

Kerry Ruff

Communications & Business Strategist

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