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Public Speaking: Women who fear being shamed in business meetings


It's all about activating your energy, uncommonly!

Have you ever felt that people are laughing at you because you have gained a few pounds?

Or that people don’t take you seriously at work?

Or that your voice quality doesn’t seem as direct as you think it should be in order to keep someone’s attention?

Or that you felt you were being too emotional when tough decisions had to be made at the office?

Or that your ideas during office meetings didn’t seem to have the impact you felt they should?

Women don’t want to appear arrogant, so they hold back their comments and often sound apologetic. Why is that?

The answer is: “Could the answer be that women are afraid of power in business?”

They feel they don’t have a right to speak up and express their much needed ideas, and thus, as a result, hold back, allowing others to take over.

Here are some ways to redirect that defeatists’ type of energy and refocusing all those strong, confident, emotional feelings towards success in business meetings:

*Famous athletes get themselves into what they call, “a feeling of winning certainty” by first “moving their energies” toward a winning direction.

*Rehearsing “power movement skills,” that you are about to receive and that I call “Physical Communication Technology,” will enable you to achieve effective “meeting performance” success.

*Certain movements repeated over and over again, will give you feelings of confidence beyond belief: And therein lies your success.

*The more you use these movements, the better you will deliver quality feedback and innovative ideas within your business meetings.

“Activate your energy more uniquely than anyone else is doing,” is based on knowing how the body, before the mind, operates, and most importantly, how emotions are linked to achieve a desired outcome.


This will make you seem very stiff and not attentive to your listeners needs. Walking around the room is one of the best-known power movements to redirect your adrenaline energy.

Don’t pace back and forth like a caged tiger, but stand tall and straight in one place; make a point, and then use a ‘controlled walk,’ over to the opposite side of the room. Do this throughout your expression of ideas or suggestions.

Slowly give eye contact to everyone. For example, take two feet in one direction, and then move back catty-corner.

Let me ask you a question. Why do you talk to other people? I’ll tell you why. You talk to connect with others…that’s why! To alleviate this fear and mold it into “controlled energy” you’ve got to get your adrenaline moving in ANOTHER DIRECTION than the fear mold.

Another way of saying it would be to stimulate fear in the direction that “feels good.” Listen carefully. I did not say eliminate fear, I said stimulate it in another direction.” The quickest and easiest way to do that is by moving your body differently.


Practice with yourself at home! Speak out loud, “Good morning, everyone. My name is___.” Do this at least three times.

This “movement exercise” will test your voice quality and rhythm and will help to redirect the fear adrenaline.

When you are enjoying speaking, the enthusiasm you exude through your speaking voice will engage your listeners even more.

Maintaining a high energy level along with your voice quality will help you redirect the sound of any “squeak” that would indicate nervousness or lack of confidence.

3. USE YOUR 80 MUSCLES OF YOUR FACE to redirect your nerves.

About 15 minutes before you go into a business meeting, open your face as if you are screaming in a “horror movie” as wide as you possibly can. Hold it for ten seconds then release it.

Smile with your eyes and your mouth. This relaxes the facial muscles, and prevents one from making a fearful or angry expression, plus in the process, conveys confidence to those observing you. Even if the other person cannot see you, as when you smile while speaking on the phone. Your smile will seep into your voice and enhance the quality of your connection with the listener of the meeting.

You become definite, confident, persuasive, and see results immediately.

That’s why this is your special ticket to begin to use “power movement exercises” to accelerate your feelings of confidence to the next level.

4. SHORT-CUT MOVEMENTS: Deciding what you want your listeners to do.

You need to decide what it is that you want your listeners in the meeting to “do” after your contribution. Do you want them to “sign something”, “buy something”, or “come up to you and ask questions?”

You must perform your “power movement exercises” with all the conviction you can muster.

For example: Comedians don’t just want their audiences to laugh, they want their audiences to roll out of their seats with laughter. Politicians don’t just want their listeners to understand their policies, they want their audiences to go out and vote for them in the next election.

Your listeners must be shown you care about what you are saying.

You have to show people you really care about what they want. In order for this to happen with any kind of accuracy, you, as a contributing member of the team, have to create and communicate with a purpose and emotion that touches their hearts.

Developing your research helps to redirect the fear adrenaline also.

To be successful at presenting yourself in business meetings, you must always move your body like a “make it happen” type of person.

Have fun with your power movements and much success in your next business meeting.

Kerry Ruff

Communications and Business Strategist

Kerry Ruff - Successful People Move Differently

We coach individuals and businesses with ways of using uncommon public speaking leveraging skills in today's competitive global economy.

BONUS: Exercises to do before a business meeting:

1. Before you talk…listen to yourself. Sit in silence for 3 to 10 minutes each day.

2. Say to yourself with your eyes closed, “I am a powerful human being!” Then open your eyes and, while walking in place, say the same phrase over and over again.

3. Breathing. Take 4 short quick breathes in the nose and breath out my mouth in 4 short quick breaths. Do this as you are walking down the street, or walking to your car.

Effective breathing helps improve blood flow. This improves concentration skills required for reading, writing, spelling, listening, comprehension and speaking in meetings.


We believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY IN IT—including you. And if you move your own innate energy in certain ways, with enough emotional intensity, you can change your own life experiences.

Therefore, our cause and purpose is to energize people in adding more of their creative value to the world.

I help people do what they’re best at doing with more uniqueness and a dash of artistry so that other people are willing to reward them. I employ both Corporate and One-on-One coaching using Physical Communication Behavioral and the Power Circle Technique.

Kerry Ruff

I gather people who exchange success strategies at our SUCCESS CONFERENCES NYC, SUCCESS CARNIVAL EVENTS and MILLIONAIRE CARNIVAL GAMES (Money and Math Curriculum for young people). People who are specialist at what they do, and know how to get their “strategies” in the hands of others, immediately.


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