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7 Career Success Interview Ideas

Thirty-four percent of “Hiring Managers” say this is the most convincing way for candidates to negotiate for their dream job.

1. Type up a “cheat sheet” (a brief rundown of your career objectives) with the specific clients and with quantified results.

Don’t forget to include your glowing references from former employers.

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2. Your objective in an interview is to help your future employer increase their bottom line.

3. Tell your interviewer a story of how you made money for the company you previously worked for.

For example, “I worked at (name 0f clothing company) and an irate customer came in the store. She demanded we take back a designer gown she had recently purchased. Because I was the manager, I did let her return it and sold the customer an estimated $5,000 in accessories.

4. If you speak more than one language this will help your future employer to connect with more people, therefore it will increases their bottom line. More people… more money.

5. Keep focused on INCREASING THEIR BOTTOM LINE and you will be given the position every time.

Perspective employers feel good when they can say, “Yes, we want to hire you.” But this only happens when you can communicate how effective your skills are in boosting their bottom line.

6. What a prospective employers might say…

“ Tell us about yourself? And how can you add value to our bottom line?”

Everything you say from that point on should add value to the employer’s bottom line!







Using the list from above, type out in essay format, the information you would communicate to an interviewer that would be increasing the organizations bottom line. (Use this sheet to formulate your ideas.)


* Who do I contact with new innovative ideas?

* Who is the marketing representative for the organization?

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