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You must… CREATE
1. Side-Art is an energy of movement that an individual can create a service or product that can increase a person’s financial bottom line. For example:
2. Job-Art is an energy of movement that an individual can help the company they are working for with giving great service and at the same time, help increase that company’s financial bottom line.
Nobody can sit and wait patiently for the weekly paycheck from the Human Resources Department to come floating down gently into their bank account, even though you feel you’ve worked hard for it.
You can’t afford to “hang in there” for the pension and social security train to stop at your station anymore.
Start with sharing your ideas with another person.
Are you willing to change– and change fast?
You have to be willing to move differently and to go in a completely different direction on a day-to-day basis.
Careers are changing and nobody likes it, but its changing and nobody cares that you don’t like it. You’re scared. But nobody cares. Especially the large companies.
The change is that they don’t need large number of workers any more.
They are downsiding at record speeds and in record numbers.
It’s due to the economy and technology. Automating and outsourcing have taken over and left the average worker behind. From the twenty-five year old just out of college to the middle-aged worker–we’re all in serious trouble.
Now we know why.
“What do we do to protect ourselves and our families financial, you ask?”
Well, you can’t sit and hope it want touch you. Because, it will! You must be pro-active.
You must “Move Your Energy Uncommonly!”
I hope my small contribution to this way of “JOB-ART and SIDE-ART movement” can assist individuals and businesses to increase their bottom lines whether it’s the organization you work for or your own start-up business and give you a more feeling of certainity about creativing ideas and different energy frequencies in which to improve the quality of your life and those around you.
Keep moving your energy uncommonly, my friend.
Kerry Ruff /

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