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What Career Makes Powerful People Nervous?

Today’s “source of advantage” is above all…a good idea, says Geoff Colvin from Fortune Magazine in an article entitled, “Power…A Cooling Trend.”

Cool Power is the best keep secret of the last five years. Success in all fields is now in the movement of a power not even our parents understood.

The definition of Power is the ability to take action and this makes the Established Powerful People very nervous.

This isn’t just my theory or a corky little notion. It means that thousands of people now have the power to run their own multi-million dollar businesses from their living room coffee tables.

And here is the thing that puts toppings on this cake. IT’S FREE!

Now I know what you are thinking, how can a business stay in business if they can’t make money, if the customers don’t have to pay for it’s service? Very easily. They SELL THE RIGHTS to put what they (others who want to sell things) on your website or on your blog or in your podcast or in video. It’s brillant!

This means thousands of people can come up with a good idea and let others know what you have that they need. You put your specialized skill in the exchangeplace (marketplace) by connecting to people through email, world-wide web, blogs. You give it away!

Do you pay for Facebook? Do you pay for Google service? Watch a Hollywood movie sell cars! How do they stay in business?

What is needed now is for people to tune-in to the fact that by cultivating human energy, to come up with new ideas, it may help to make the world a richer, safer, caring, helpful to others kind of place… for everybody.

What is your Information Product? A new cooking receipe, new way to plant a vegetable garden, etc.

I will be writing about this subject of Cultivating Your Energy and how you can link your Energy to Achievement.


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