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The most important part of this e-mail type note is that you are not asking for anything-only information. You are a student and that is your TRUSTING shield. Don’t betray that trust.

When you network on the phone, e-mail, or in person with professionals, always follow these Activation Energy Tips:

1. Simply be curious. Never ask for a position/job in their field.

2. Add value to their day (telling someone they look nice, if sincere, always intensifies the theme of networking).

3. Don’t talk negative about anybody at anytime. (Not even in the washroom. You never know who could be listening. If you must expel some venom do it at home behind closed doors.)

4. Send the professionals thank you and congratulation cards.

5. Don’t ever try to sell products or services (always the key is to build a relationship to be remembered).

6. From time to time keep in touch with a brief hello (e-mail, perhaps) and let the professional know how his/her meeting with you has enhanced the quality of your life.

Start interviewing people who are doing exactly what you choose to be doing. Call them up and ask for an informational interview. It’s as simple as that.

In my Activate Your Energy Workshops,

I give my clients/students a networking assignment.

I have them decide on three people in their perspective chosen fields that they would like to meet.

Then I tell them to contact these professionals, either by phone or e-mail, and ask them for permission to interview them for my workshop.

Many professionals don’t mind talking to students about what they do. It can even be flattering to them at times.

Just make sure you don’t ask the professional for a job or to help you get into their profession.

If you do, you will destroy your chances to build a solid relationship. You will have destroyed the TRUST factor.

All you want is information regarding your chosen field of interest.

Here’s a sample of a “connecting paragraph” you may use to start your connecting campaign.

When calling or e-mailing say something like this:

My name is ____ _____. I am a student of _________. (The Activating Your Energy Workshop in New York City.) I have an online assignment to do for the workshop and I just need five minutes of your time to talk to you about how you use communication effectively in your field.

Thank you.

Activate Your Energy Student

Name ____________

Phone ___________

E-mail ____________

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