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“What’s the difference between this ‘play’ money (I hold up ‘play’ money) and the ‘real’ money?” (I hold up ‘real’ money) No one answered right away.

What if I told you the ‘play’ money is more valuable than the ‘real’ money? Would you believe me?

Then follows… “One is fake and the other one is real” Another Person yells “One is bigger than the other one’ and yet another responds, “One can buy things and the other can’t.”

“All very good answers,” I retort.

“How many want this ‘real’ $50 bill?” “How many want the ‘play’ $50 bill?” All but a few people raise their hands.

“What is money?” I ask intuitively. To my surprise no one responded.

“Something that buys you things,” a small voice ventured out from the back row.

“That’s true, but what is the definition of money?” Isn’t it interesting, how everybody wants this, (I hold up ‘real’ money) but nobody knows what it is.”

“What if I told you the ‘play’ money is more valuable than the ‘real’ money? Would you believe me? Probably not! But it’s true.”

“So goes the adage that it takes money to make money. Not true!

It takes uniqueness, uncommon energy and very little physical action.”

“You’re not going to believe me, and all your working life you are going to chase ‘real’ money and probably never going to catch a lot of it, at one time.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to attract more of it into your life, if you knew what it really was, and how to attract more of it?”

A participant from the very back row raised her hand cautiously. “So what do I do first?”

“First you must walk and talk and activate your energy with some focus.”

“That’s all?” said the female participant, skeptical.

“That’s all.” I retorted with a smile. “Money is an exchange. Look it up.”

“What product, service, or idea are you good at exchanging with uncommon energy?” I stated once again for clarity.

Keep Moving Your Personal Energy Differently and Adding Value to Other People’s Lives,

Kerry Ruff


Director of Success Conference NYC

(Experts Speak on Life & Business Advancement)

We help people achieve goals faster and change their everyday lives by showing them how to use 3 different types of their PERSONAL ENERGY.

1. Using their Potential Energy - For example: Two magnets facing each other – assisting others in what they need

2. Using their Elastic Energy – For example: Stretching a rubber band – playing video & board games

3. Using their Kinetic Energy – For example: A jet plane taking off - walking, swimming, talking, running, cooking, building a business

We believe, as scientists have come to know: EVERYTHING HAS ENERGY IN IT—including you. And if you move your energy in certain ways, with enough emotional intensity, you can achieve your dreams.

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