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MILLIONAIRE CARNIVAL Math Course 4 Kids & Teens (15 Weeks) - Instructor Included

  • The Millionaire Carnival Math & Money Game is a fun and engaging curriculum that shows kids and teens how to develop basic math skills.


    Kerry Ruff’s program is designed and personally guided to provide real-life everyday skills necessary to successfully participate in our economic society.  The umbrella for the program is the Millionaire Carnival Game. The classroom is a financial/job interview carnival.  Through interactive games and fun role-playing activities the students will be able to:



    • Open an interest-bearing savings account (over 500 students so far)

    • Solve mathematical problems and track money accurately

    • Buy a $25 drip stock and/or mutual fund

    • Write and articulate their financial goals and life plans

    • Conduct themselves in a business-like manner

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